Backup your iPod, iPhone or iPad

Backing up, restoring and managing media files on your iDevice is now just as easy as using it, thanks to iBackuper. Reclaim full control of your favorite media gadget. Buy Now

Backing up your iPod

Full Backup Copies

Backing up your iPod (iPhone, iPad) should be easy, and that's exactly how iBackuper works. Worrying about losing your music videos, playlists or notes? You shouldn't be. iBackuper creates complete copies of you device's media, just in case you need it later.

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Lifetime Recovery Guarantee

No matter when you create a backup, it's always there waiting for you on your computer. With iBackuper your music or important data simply cannot be lost. Multiple complete backups are supported and your iPod (iPhone, iPad) can be restored to the exact way where you left off.

iPod, iPhone, iPad

Move your media

Buying a new iPod (iPhone, iPad) no longer comes with a trouble of setting it up. Music, video, notes — everything will be moved in complete order to your new device just like that. And you don't have to use iTunes. iBackuper is the easier awesome way to get your shiny new iDevice up and running.

Freedom to your music

Freedom to your music

Need to copy music or video file from your own or your friend's device to the hard drive? With iTunes you can't, but iBackuper will not restrict you. Do as you will with your purchased media. Copy files both ways between device & computer.

iPod, iPhone, iPad

Your device is supported

iBackuper supports the following devices:

  • iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod touch, iPod shuffle
  • iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, Phone 3GS, iPhone 4
  • iPad, iPad 2
Surpass iTunes possibilities

Surpass iTunes possibilities

Why do it the iTunes way when you deserve more and in an easier way? You are going to love having multiple backups, copying media without syncing or seamless media transfer between devices. Just try it.

Take full control of your media and your favorite device! Be on the safe side.

Easy and Enjoyable

Take more time to enjoy your music and video while iBackuper keeps you on the safe side in a matter of minutes. Creating full snapshots of your iPod (iPhone, iPad) is easy!


Discover music gems

Found an awesome song on your friend's iPod? Copy it to your device right now. No iTunes syncing mess involved. You found it – you have it.

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Save your music and your personality for the future

Wouldn't it be cool to find out what you used to listen to a year ago? With a snapshot from iBackuper you can. Track your listening habits or experience the music you loved as your earlier “self”.
Don't lose touch with you are.

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